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I left Australia at the end of 2008 in a mad hurry. It was time to start anew and to finally travel like I’d always wanted to. So what if I had little money, no plan, a rental apartment that required notice to be given for, a cat that would need food and love, and multiple large household items that would need a home? I was going. It was a slightly harebrained idea and it was not the most enjoyable few weeks (trying to deal with the avalanche of tasks that I had let loose upon my own head), but you know what…? I don’t regret it for a second.

I arrived into London Heathrow in early December; ripping myself away from Sydney’s beautiful summer and plunging straight into London’s chilly winter. I loved it. I was free and it was cold (it was still novel at this time) and I was finally doing this. Better late than never, I figured. It’s now been over a year and it has been great. I haven’t travelled as much as I thought I would, but instead I have lived and spent decent amounts of time in new places… really experiencing them as a local as opposed to a tourist (which is exactly what I want). Finding work has been quite challenging, what with the current economic situation and my short stays, but that’s life.

Exploring my passions: travelling, design, environmental issues, food, cooking, writing, art, photography… has been a bit tricky at times (in regards to finding a balance between them, my transitory state, and my financial limitations). Sometimes making the green choice is actually the cheapest option (i.e. buying in larger quantities, sharing a ride), but that hasn’t always the case. When airlines have flights for £1.98 return and trains cost upwards of £70 one way for similar destinations… well, thats a huge difference. I’m not justifying here, I’m just saying… admitting that I haven’t always taken the higher road. I have found that learning to be more resourceful and creative can be great both environmentally and for the wallet. We seem to have such a compulsion to just ‘buy the solution’ instead of working with what we have, borrowing from/sharing with others, and stopping to consider if we truly have a need for that omelette maker. Seriously, would your frying pan truly not suffice?

What I’ve also found is that I’m not ready for this to end. There are still so many places to explore just here in Europe alone and I can’t well just leave them behind. Sure, I could come back another time, but A. It took me ten years to get here the first time round and B. I’m already here, why not do it now? The plan is still ‘no plan’; life keeps interrupting most of the ones I make, so I figure I might as well just see where it takes me. Oh my poor parentals! My dad’s already started calling me ‘Gypsy’ and my mother wonders why her daughter won’t just settle down with a nice job, house, man, etc. Wait till they hear that I’m going to keep going….

I’ve learnt a lot along the way and I’ve enjoyed having to fend for myself (admittedly, it’s often in retrospect!). This blog is my very first, so forgive me for any bloggy-no-no’s I may commit and do let me know your thoughts. I’ve added bits and pieces of information/knowledge that I’ve picked up along the way, as well as photos, recipes and stories. Hope you enjoy!




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