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Look, Ma! Only 17 Syllables! – How to be Poetically Snide in 12 Words

March 15, 2011

Topic #71: Write a haiku about something that drives you nuts.

That’s 5, 7, 5, right? Here’s my haiku then:

you stand before me –
so literally speaking
no… you are not dead


Huh. Look at that. A semi-snide correction in a neat 17 syllable package of 12 words. Perhaps I should only complain in haiku format from now on. Might help usher in a new more succinct era of communication for me… (uh, hello, Exhibit A?).

Apparently capitalising the first word in the second and/or third lines is a no-no (although acceptable in the first line) and the use of punctuation is controversial. That’s right. Punctuation. Controversial. And look at me, scandalously using an ellipsis and a dash [a mock gasp ensues]. Let’s try again.

how different now
your life will be since she went
and ripped you a new….


I quite like doing this. They’re not the most elegant haikus. They are also lacking in any seasonal references and yes, there was not a single mention of whispering leaves or trickling streams. I am, however, getting my point across. Which is not the point of a haiku… but hey.

Okay, enough. Time to leave the haiku-ing behind and go apply for jobs. Joy. On a related note, my legs are seriously killing me from yesterday’s Vibe class… and no, I don’t mean that literally.



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