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It’s All About the Vibe

March 14, 2011

In a bid to keep up with the ‘Post a Week’ challenge, I was going to write a post in response to yesterday’s WP’s Topic of the Day “Chocolate or Vanilla?”. I was so uninspired by the question, however, that my writing just about put me to sleep.

But I like you. So I deleted it. And the second and third attempts too.

Instead, I’m going to tell you about my Vibe class at the Move Your Frame* studios today.

This was my first Vibe class since the doctor ordered me to rest my leg. I could not be bothered waiting another three weeks as he had suggested. I’d waited four weeks already and frankly, I’m sick of being asked to wait. The doctor, potential employers, the gas company, the bank’s customer service number… the list goes on. It really would be a nice change to have someone wait for me or even come to me instead… well, not the doctor… that’d just be weird.

In any case, my leg is feeling much better and I figured this even-slightly-motivated-to-exercise-shaped window of opportunity is not going to stay open for long. And so off to Vibe class I went. For those of you who are wondering why I’m telling you about some sex-toy sweat-training session, let me just say: get your mind out of the gutter! Grief… (but you’re not the first to ask/wonder).

A Vibe class is a circuit-type exercise class that utilises a vibrating gym machine. The machine looks similar to a treadmill, except that instead of the long sloped platform, it has a short (foot-and-a-half long), flat, vibrating platform. Classes tend to be small in size and are a maximum of 25 minutes in duration due to the intensity of exercising on these Vibe machines. Those are two huge selling points for me right there. Happy to suffer; just don’t let me suffer too long and in front of too many people!

I was a bit nervous going back in. I did come out, as always, feeling better than I arrived. Emotionally, I mean. Physically, I felt a bit sick: dehydrated and nauseated with jelly-like arms and legs. The walk home never felt so long. My arms were sore and where my legs ought to have been where these two foreign wobbly things that kept giving way under me. I was convinced that I was on the verge of having to roll home. Fortunately for cyclists in the area, I managed to drag myself home in a mostly upright position.

That’s one down and three to go for this week. Did I mention I signed up for their bootcamp? Well, I have and I think it’s a great way (in my economically-challenged state) of ‘forcing’ me go to each class as I’ve prepaid for the whole 4-week shebang. I have neck and back issues to work around which is always challenging whilst exercising, but them’s the breaks. It should be fine. Fingers crossed, abdominal muscled pulled in and shoulders down and back.



Telephonic numerals: 0207 033 1855

Electronic mail:

Location: 29 New Inn Road, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3EY. Tip: New Inn Road is right between the Tesco’s and the petrol/gas station on Shoreditch High Street

Hours: Mondays – Fridays: 7am-10pm, Saturdays: 10am – 5:40pm & Sundays: 10:30am – 5:30pm

Transport: The closest tube stations are Old Street and Liverpool Street. The Shoreditch Overground Station is also close by and buses 26 and 48 (amongst others) will drop you off on Shoreditch High Street.


And? Classes start from as low as £6 and they constantly run specials deals and special classes.



In case you were wondering, the answer is chocolate. Why? Because as much as I love vanilla, I cannot fight the dairy-centricity (chocolate-loving, cheese-worshipping, milk-enamoured, cream-adoring…) that I inherited from my Swiss father. Plus, hello?! It’s chocolate. How many times have you heard, “God, I have such a bad vanilla craving!”. ‘Nuff said.

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