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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

March 9, 2011

I’m posting this photo, not because it’s my best or most suitable ‘shadow-themed’ photo, but because I was actually going to include it in my previous post (marine-themed that it was) and then didn’t. So I’m posting it here. Because I can. And it fits the theme.


On a beach in Newquay, Cornwall (UK) in 2009

This photo is from a 2 week road trip that L and I took in 2009. We rented a car in Bath and drove up the east coast of England and into Scotland, through Edinburgh, St Andrews and Aberdeen all the way to John O’Groats, then back down through the Isle of Skye, Cardiff, Cornwall and finally back to Bath. It was an amazing trip filled with great memories and even though there were the odd moments of misadventure (like having to sleep in the freezing cold rental car and then breakfasting on crisps and 3p sandwiches that we’d thrown together from our pound-shop-rummage because we’d messed up our bank transfers and found ourselves in the middle of nowhere with less than £5 between us), they just made it all the more interesting and memorable.



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