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Shark Fins and Killer Blue Thingys

March 8, 2011

I recently received an email from a lovely woman in Australia who informed me that she would like to buy one of my photos to frame and hang in her home – best compliment ever! Anyhow, we’ve been emailing back and forth, hashing out the details with a bit of conversation thrown in for good measure. In her last correspondence she mentioned seeing a mother and baby dolphin. ‘How cool!’, I thought and proceeded to recant my own personal experience with dolphins which is decidedly less ‘cool’:

“I once found myself swimming next to a mother and baby dolphin in an estuary on the Gold Coast… I’m rather embarrassed to say that I freaked out at the sight of the fins careening through the water and proceeded to try running away (yes, RUNNING; it doesn’t work well underwater, trust me). Once on shore, they were long gone and my boyfriend at the time informed me – once the hysterical laughing (his, not mine) had subsided – that they had been dolphins, not sharks… yes, pretty special, I know.”

I’m not sure why I decided to share this rather telling and none-too-flattering story with someone I don’t really know… or why, for that matter, I’m now posting it here for anyone and everyone to read. Oh well. May as well continue.

This wasn’t the first time I tried running underwater. There was this one Christmas that my family and I were holidaying on an island in the Philippines. I decided to go snorkelling by myself and was rather enjoying myself until I spotted a shark. Not just the fin, but the whole absurdly toothy beast. 16 year old me panicked and ran. Underwater. Well, I tried. Attempting to escape from a harmless, metre-long baby shark which I probably scared half-do-death may sound silly, but A. it was a shark – who cares how big it is?! and B. how was I to know at the time that it was harmless???

Then there was the time that my sister and I were snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef and I attempted to save her life from this nightmarish creature with metre-and-a-half long electric blue tentacles that were circling her with the predatory vehemence of a psycho killer. Turns out it was the string from her vest. Well, you hear the horror stories and (sharks aside) they always seem to be blue with tentacles in my mind. That being said, I’m surprised my sister didn’t drown, she was laughing so hard.


Wow. I’m so damn special sometimes.



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  1. Bianca permalink
    March 8, 2011 20:46

    I remember the deadly string… Your face was priceless…
    I was just bawling my eyes out over a bad phone call, but this post cheered me up.

    Hahahaha… blue string.. who knew it could be so dangerous… But nonetheless, I appreciate the thought of saving me. :P

    • March 8, 2011 21:48

      Oh bubba! :(

      Well, I’m glad to have cheered you up. And hey… at least you know with certainty now that when push comes to shove, I gots yo back!

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