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All Aboard!

November 8, 2010

The Gravy Train? Forget about it. Seriously. A couple nights ago I had dinner on the FondueTram. Now tell me that isn’t way cooler.

I had found out about this magnificent concept purely by coincidence. I like to call it serendipity. There I was having drinks with L and some friends at this bar in Zurich when I saw this tram full of people eating sushi coast past us. I was bedazzled by the sight. Sushi. On a tram. Oh yes!

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. I had stumbled across this modern-day miracle a little too late; the SushiTram had run its last laps and that was that. I was rather sad for a moment until further down the tram website page I spotted an advert for the FondueTram. ‘Coming soon!’ it promised. Hoorah!

L and I are both cheese lovers and disgracefully unfamiliar with Zurich, so I sent out an email to these wondrous people and made a reservation for us. I had decided to keep it a surprise for L, but as we approached the FondueTram I’m honestly not too sure who was more excited.

After taking our coats, we were shown to our table and served a welcome drink of Apfelmoscht (apple wine). A short welcome speech was given in both German and English and then we were off.

Dinner began with a Bündnerteller (a variety of air-dried meats with a coleslaw-style salad) as appetiser. A quick pitstop was then made in front of a restaurant so that a huge pot of fondue cheese could be brought into the tram’s kitchen. Oh yes! One by one, each table received a glorious, molten-cheese-filled fondue pot and a basket of bread. Sensing its imminent arrival, we geared up in anticipation; both of us with fondue fork in hand, poised and ready for action. As we mmmm-ed and aaaah-ed (silently, of course), a waitress came around offering schnapps (it aids digestion… seriously) and some additional flavourings: ground paprika, grated nutmeg and garlic. Delicious.

With the burner keeping the cheese hot, we worked our way to the bottom of the pot. I had told L as a precautionary measure to arrive for his surprise dinner with an empty stomach. Even with our strategically empty bellies, our greedy eyes and our considerable eating abilities (which are nothing to scoff at, let me tell you), we knew we wouldn’t make it through a second pot.

A dessert plate of pineapple wedges, blueberries, chiffonaded mint and candied nuts arrived next. It was an appropriately light ending to an incredibly heavy meal, but after gorging ourselves on all that wonderful cheese, it was just too much.

In the two hours we spent aboard the FondueTram we had made several rounds of the city, each time in a slightly different direction. Zurich at night is a beautiful sight to behold; the golden lights reflected in the lake, the silhouette of old buildings like the Fraumünster and the Romanesque-style Grossmünster happily coexisting amongst more modern architecture.

Was it the best fondue I’ve ever had? No, and it wasn’t cheap either. We did thoroughly enjoy ourselves though and I think it was certainly worth the experience.


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Telephonic Numerals 0848 988 988 (6am – 10pm daily)

Email or contact them via this form

Location the meeting point is the Bellevue tram stop in Zurich.

Fondue Dates November/February: Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays; December: every day except Tuesday. January: Wednesdays to Saturdays.

Important: There won’t be any scheduled service on the following dates: December 24th – 26th, December 31st and January 1st. Also, there will only be the second seating on December 12th (due to Silvesterlauf race activities).

Times there are two 2-hour seatings. On Sundays, they are at 4:30pm and 7:15pm. Otherwise, they are at 5:30pm and 8:15pm.

Cost SFR89 (which covers the tram ride, a welcome drink, appetiser, fondue à discretion, coffee and dessert). Not included: any additional drinks (the schnapps/kirsch wasn’t included; that was an extra SFR6-7 each).

Website in English; in Deutsch

And? they accept all major credit cards. Make sure to arrive with plenty of space in your belly!



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