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If I hear someone say that ‘It was luck’ one more time…

June 17, 2010

In yesterday’s game, Spain played some beautiful football in as far as passing was concerned. They were a joy to watch.

Switzerland, the clear underdogs in this match, did not, for the most part, ‘play pretty’. They played strategically.

They analysed their strengths and weaknesses and worked with them. They worked as a team, they supported each other, they stuck to their guns, they made the most of the opportunities that presented themselves and they fought until the very last minute.

I’ve heard so many comments from people who are unhappy with the result complaining that Spain ‘deserved to win’ and that the Swiss victory was ‘plain luck’/’dumb luck’. And to all of these people I would just like to say: GROW UP!

Football is a game of skill and strategy and teamwork. It is not about pretty passing and fancy footwork; it is about putting the ball in your opponent’s goal while preventing them from doing the same in yours. If by doing so, we work in some tricky moves: great. At the end of the day, however, it’s all about the result.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the World Cup… not a competition for the world’s most popular team… or the world’s trickiest team… or the team that can hold the ball the longest. Whilst this particular win may have come as a surprise to all, it is a victory as ‘deserved’ as any; unwavering determination, excellent defending and strategy won them this game… not luck.

Furthermore, if the final score happens to favour a determined team over a collection of ‘superstar’ individuals – I’m not saying this was the case here – but when that happens, well, who’s really to blame? I do want to make perfectly clear that I do thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the skill of many of those Spanish players… but unless they work together from start to finish… what’s the point? The Spanish may have had more time controlling the ball, but the Swiss meanwhile were controlling the game.

With a footballing history, that admittedly, is not exactly awe-inspriring, I do not expect the Swiss to make it to the finals… or the quarterfinals… or… well, you get my point. Most people, Swiss or not, probably have similar expectations. With that in mind, I’m asking all of you whinging people out there… do us all a huge favour? Accept that the Swiss played a better game, quit raining on their parade with your immature whining and let them enjoy this win. They ‘deserve’ it.



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