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The Country Life

June 12, 2010

Good grief, I mean, yikes! It is in this very moment that I have come to the conclusion that ‘yes, I am undeniably a city gal’.

It’s just past midnight and I’m sitting here in the garden of this lovely house in the French countryside. There are crackling and rustling sounds behind me and there’s something rummaging around and halfway stomping just above me! I’m trying to stay cool and calm, but to be honest, I am feeling rather uncomfortable.

I did go have a peek around to see if I could go identify the source of the noise, but it was admittedly a rather half-assed attempt… I don’t know what creature I could be faced with and my city smarts are not really helping here. Eeek! What is it?!? It must be at least the size of a small cat for all the noise it’s making, but it’s so dark out that I can’t see a thing unfortunately. Why are there no flashlights in this house?! I really want to know what it is… I’m really curious. Hmmm… what would MacGyver do?

Yikes! What was that?! Yeah, never mind the Macgyver-ing… I think I left my moxie in the city.

Do I feel a tad lame and ridiculous? Yes. Do I feel like a bit of a chicken? Yes.

Ah, shaddap…

Eeek! Go away already!




P.S. If found, please return my moxie. Owner would be most grateful.

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