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Oh, the Cow! (French)

May 17, 2010

Ah, la vâche! – Oh, good grief!

‘vâche’ is the French word for cow.



Hello – Bonjour/Salut (bohn-zhoor/sah-loo)

Goodbye – Au revoir (oh vwahr)

Yes – Oui (wee)

No – Non (noh)

Please – S’il vous plaît (sil voo pleh)

Thank you – Merci (mehr-see)

Your welcome – De rien (deh ree-yah)

How are you? – Ça va? (sah vah)

Good – Bien (byah)

Bad – Mal (mahl)

Cheers! – Santé! (sahn-teh)

Help – Aidez moi/au secours (‘aid’ mwah/au seh-coor) – The first translates to ‘help me’ while the second is a more urgent ‘rescue me’

Stop – Arrêtez (ah-rreht)

Do you speak English? – Parlez vous anglais? (pahr-leh voo ung-glehs)

Today – Aujourd’hui (oh-zhord-wee)

Tomorrow – Demain (deh-mah)

Yesterday – Hier (hee-yer)



Where? – Où? (ooh)

Who? – Qui? (kee)

When? – Quand? (kahhnd)

How? – Comment? (kom-mah)

What? – Quoi? (kwah)

How much? – Combien? (kom-byah)

Why? – Pourquoi? (poohr-kwah)



The train – Le train (luh trah)

The train station – La gare (lah gahr)

What time? – À quelle heure? (ah kell oohr)

Arrivals – Arrivées (ah-ree-veh)

Departures – Départs (deh-pahr)

How much does it/they cost? – Ça coute/fait combien? (sah koot/feh kom-byah)

A ticket – Un billet (uhn bee-yeh)

Where is…? – Où est…? (ooh eh)

A drink- Une boisson (oon bwa-soh)

Something to eat/drink – Quelque choses à manger/bwahr (kell-keh shoze ah mahn-jeh/bwahr)

Which platform does the train leave from? Le train depart à quel quai? (luh trah deh-par ah kell kai)

The toilet – La toilette (lah twa-let)

A dining car – Un wagon-restaurant (uhn wah-goh res-toh-roh)



1 – Un (uhhn)

2 – Deux (deu)

3 – Trois (twah)

4 – Quatre (kat)

5 – Cinq (‘sank’)

6 – Six (see-s)

7 – Sept (‘set’)

8 – Huit (‘wheat’)

9 – Neuf (n-uf)

10 – Dix (dee-s)

20 – Vingt (vahnt)

30 – Trente (trahnt)

40 – Quarant (kah-rant)

50 – Cinquante (‘sank’-‘aunt’)

60 – Soixante (swah-sont)

70 – Soixante-dix (swah-sont dee-s)

80 – Quatre-vingt (katre vahnt)

90 – Quatre-vingt-dix (katre vahnt dee-s)… it’s so long because it translates to: four-twenty-ten

100 – Cent (sah-n)

200 – Deux cent (deu sah-n)

1000 – Mille (meel)

Black – Noir (nwahr)

White – Blanc (blahn)

Grey – Gris (gree)

Red – Rouge (roozh)

Blue – Bleu (bleuh)

Yellow – Jaune (zhawn)

Orange – Orange (oh-rahnzh)

Green – Vert (vehr)

Pink – Rose (rroz)

Purple – Violet (vee-oh-leh)

Brown – Brun (bruh)


Need more? For translations, check out this website, it’s awesome! Hands down, one of the best translation sites I’ve ever used. For more phrases, wikitravel is pretty good.



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  1. Yvette permalink
    May 19, 2010 02:45

    What was that word that I still can’t seem to pronouce?

    • May 19, 2010 08:48

      In Budapest, right? I know what you’re talking about, but I can’t remember the word… as I recall that was the same night we went out and SOMEONE decided (at 4:30 in the morning, ahem) that we ought to all climb up to the Liberty Statue on Gellért hill… ;) Ahehehehe! Good times. Thanks for forcing me up to the top btw. I may have almost face-planted trying to get back up that slippery slope, but hey… the view was pretty amazing!

  2. phil permalink
    October 15, 2012 14:08

    70 – Soixante-dix (swah-sont dee-s)
    ==> But “septante” in Belgium and Switzerland

    90 – Quatre-vingt-dix (katre vahnt dee-s)… it’s so long because it translates to: four-twenty-ten
    ==> “Nonante” in Belgium and Switzerland

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