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Ripe, Photographs, Ripe!

May 14, 2010

Reading one of the three gazillion newsletters I somehow insist on subscribing to, I stumbled across a website called Imagekind. Imagekind is similar to sites such as Zazzle and CafePress in that you can upload and sell your photographs and art pieces as well as applying them to various products that they provide. The big difference is that while Zazzle and Cafe Press offer a multitude of products for customisation – from shirts to shoes to magnets and coasters – Imagekind only allows buyers to purchase your artwork as a print, a greeting card, a canvas print or as a framed print. Imagekind purports to be all about the artists and their art, you see. There is some pretty great work on there, so if you’re ever faced with a lonely slice of wall that needs company, check them out (here’s their website).

I’ve actually been meaning to upload some of my photos and designs to Zazzle and Cafe Press (and well, Imagekind too now). I’ve been putting it off though – Gasp! Shock! Horror! What?! Ha-ha-ha… yes, I know very well how typical of me this is. On that note, however, I would just like to say that – ha! – I have finally begun to upload some bits and pieces. I’ve updated my photography 101 tab to reflect this, so I better keep on truckin’ cuz offerings are very much on the sparse side at the moment. I only wish there was a way to upload to all three sites from iPhoto instead of having to do each image three times… anyone?

I’ve decided to name my stores “Eats. Shoots. Travels.” as… well, that’s what they’re all about or at the very least what they’re inspired by. Whittled away most of my afternoon (and last night) (and this morning) (ok fine, and part of tonight too) working on a logo. And by ‘working on’ I mean designing a few logos, deciding on the winner and hitting save only to return two and a half hours later to repeat the process with ‘oh, just a little tweak here and a tiny adjustment there’. Ahhh… dear. Anyhoo, this is the logo:

The logo can be displayed as is, but the text and the image can stand alone – which I like. So that’s it… unless of course someone has a suggestion, comment, criticism? Should I even be asking? Maybe I should just get back to figuring out my password (see previous post)….



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  1. June 1, 2010 23:33

    I totally love the logo – it’s so perfectly you, and it’s a nice and clean design – how can one go wrong?

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