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Three Days in Amsterdam: Part 1

April 4, 2010

Back in the land of the Dutch after the most depressing set of flights ever – KLM: not happy, man. Who serves instant noodles on a flight?!? And on a long haul flight to top it off?! The choices – and this happened on the flight to Manila and on the flight back to Europe – were a plastic cup of instant noodles (think Cup Noodles but with less flavour) or a rather bleak sandwich with a half slice of cheese or ham. Absolutely dismal, if you ask me…

Anyhoo, as I was saying, L and I are back in The Netherlands. In Amsterdam to be exact. We arrived on Thursday, April 1st and on Monday we’ll be taking the CNL (City Night Line train) back to my family’s home in St Gallen (in the eastern, German-speaking part of Switzerland) via Basel. That leaves us with… ooh, three days to have a look around… again.

The first day it was off to do something we’d seen on many a must-do-while-in-Amsterdam list: a canal cruise. We picked the ‘100 Highlight’s Canal Cruise’, which despite having spent a decent amount of time discovering the streets of Amsterdam, was still an enjoyable experience. It was novel cruising between these familiar city streets on a boat. Pulling past the many house boats offered us all an almost voyeuristic vantage point into many of these people’s homes. Seeing someone sitting in their kitchen eating a bowl of cereal as you cruise by on your scenic boat ride is bizarre, but kinda cool.

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[continues on in the next post…]

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