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pots&pens, bruh!

February 26, 2010

So, I’ve picked a name for my hospitality-targetted freelance graphics business. It’s a tad corny, yes, but I like it. I was tempted for a while to go with a Flying-Cow-Productions-type of name, but nah… I’m pretty happy with the name I picked. Hopefully I don’t confuse too many Kiwis. I can see it now…

Kiwi: “Pots en pins?”

Me: “No, pots and pens.”

Kiwi: “Bit thet’s wha I sid?!”

Me: “Nah, bruh, pens as in ballpens!”

Kiwi: “Oh, bulpins!”

All jokes and awesome Kiwi accent aside… the logo is done, a basic website is up (click here) and I’m ready to go! So if you know anyone who’s looking for any graphic design work or copywriting/editing assistance, let me know. I can take on clients no matter where in the world they are (oh, isn’t the internet great!) and my fees will of course vary depending on the client’s requirements and situation.

And now, having brought up the ‘Nu Zillund eckzint’, I’ve just got to include this MediaWorks Radio advert:

* Keep in mind, you need to start with an Aussie accent for these pronunciations to work. Love it!


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