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Amsterdam: Hotel Rembrandt Classic

January 17, 2010

We arrived into Amsterdam on Monday and as our sublet was only ours from Tuesday, we needed somewhere to stay for the night. Of course, being the kind of travellers that we are… it was left to the last minute. Fortunately, we stumbled upon the Hotel Rembrandt Classic and managed to book a double room for €45.

The hotel is located along a canal between the lovely neighbourhood of Jordaan and central Amsterdam. Around the corner are many restaurants, shops and even tourist attractions, such as the Anne Frank House, are an easy stroll away. We had dinner that night at a little Italian restaurant called Cafe Panorama where we gorged ourselves on a delicious, cheesy monstrosity that they simply called: calzone. I’m not kidding. The calzones were humungous and valiant as my efforts were, I could not conquer said beast. Ah well. Back to the hotel. Our room was quite small; there was a double bed, side table, small tv, wardrobe and precious little floor space. It was, however, clean and cozy. The resemblance to the photos of the rooms as advertised on their website is minimal; and by minimum, I mean they had four walls and a double bed in common. One gets the impression that the hotel might have been quite lovely back in its day. Breakfast cost €7.50 and consisted of a hot and cold buffet (bacon, scrambled eggs, cold cuts/meats, bread rolls, sliced bread, cheese, fruit, yoghurt, cereal, coffee, milk and juice).


  • The hotel was quiet, but well-located. We didn’t get the impression that we were in a touristy area, yet tourist attractions weren’t far away.
  • The receptionists were all friendly and spoke English well (as do most people in Amsterdam).
  • The room, albeit small, were comfortable and clean.
  • There’s an elevator.

We didn’t love:

  • The fact that they have wifi available is great; the fact that you have to pay for it if you want it… well, we don’t like.

Verdict: We definitely enjoyed our stay and I really would like to say “yes, we’d definitely choose to stay here again’… the thing is though… in this day and age (and especially when staying in a hotel), I expect there to be wifi and for it to be free. I’m not asking for breakfast to be included (although that would be nice, hint, hint [she says with a toothy grin]). I know it sounds as if I’m nit-picking, but in my defence isn’t it kind of petty of them to charge for it? Okay, so here’s what I’ll say then: if we didn’t need access to the internet or if they decided to provide free wifi, then, at the price we paid, we would most definitely stay here again. At their regular prices, though, it isn’t worth it.


Telephonic Numerals +31 206 221 727


Website click here

Location Herengracht 255, 1016BJ Amsterdam

Closest Tram The two closest tram stops are Dam/Raadhuisstraat (1 / 2 / 5 / 13 / 14 / 17) and Westermarkt (13 / 14 / 17).

Rates we paid roughly €45 per night in a double room, however, rates are generally much higher (from €107.10 on their website). Have a look on other websites closer to the date. As I mentioned previously, it was a fairly last minute booking for us (that morning!). The advertised rates are €45/night (Friday and Saturday nights are €60).

And? To be honest, I can’t recall if there was a safe in the room or not, but we felt secure enough leaving our valuables (laptops and camera) in our rooms while we went out for dinner.


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