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Whoops, there goes the time!

January 15, 2010

It’s a new year and already I’m behind! Ironically, keeping my blog up-to-date is one of the items on my 2010 list of resolutions… which I’ve yet to put together… hehehe… yes, procrastination is on there too. So, without further ado, here is a brief catch-up blog on what’s been happening. Ahem.

– Spend last two days in Berlin packing and cleaning our sublet like a crazed woman (it wasn’t really dirty… I’m just that pedantic). I’m quite proud of the fact that I started packing a whole 48 hours before our departure time; I normally leave it to within the last 12-24 hours. The apartment is glowing and much cleaner than it was when we were handed over the keys, so I’m happy.

– Leave Berlin on Friday, January 8th: I had found us a ride on this website called mitfahrzentrale and booked both my friend and I in for a ride share to Hamburg on Friday. The cost: €12 per person – which is about €30 or so cheaper than taking the train (and slightly faster if conditions are good). Was slightly paranoid that we might end up drugged and lying in a ditch somewhere in Eastern Europe, but no… the guy was lovely and thankfully, the heavy snow storm that had most of Germany in a mess, held off until after we arrived in Hamburg.

– Refreshed from our car-cat-nap, we wander the Reeperbahn (Hamburg’s infamous red light district). I’ve been to Bangkok quite a few times and my high school was actually across the street from Manila’s red light district, but I have to say… I’ve never seen so many prostitutes in a row… I’ve also never seen prostitutes with so little skin showing (granted, it was -3°C and snowing). We have dinner at a little Italian place before heading to Grosse Freiheit 36 and proceed to have (too many) drinks. The rock club I was expecting turns out to be a little more dush-dush-Eurotrash-with-a-sprinkling-of-pop. More drinks are needed. Don’t think I’ve ever drank in a club where drinks were served in plastic cups… or perhaps I’ve blotted out all such memories? Drinks kick in and suddenly the dance floor is.. wait, I’m on it! Woo hoo! Along comes 6:30am and we find ourselves stumbling home with kebab in hand. Classy… oh, I know.

– Realise we’re too old to punish our bodies like we this and spend all of Saturday in bed; moans and whispers of regret punctuate our slumber.

– Sunday, January 10th: we rouse ourselves from the deeply hollowed-out spaces we have left in our beds after having hibernated thus far through our visit to Hamburg. Exploring the city in the cold whilst being pelted by angry snow is not much fun, so we head down to the harbour for a late lunch. Don’t worry Sydney, Hamburg’s got nothing on ya.

– Take the train to Amsterdam on Monday morning, January 11th and head straight to the apartment we’re subletting for a debriefing session from the owners. Man, the stairs here are treacherous! We have dinner at a nice little Italian place and crash at our hotel (Rembrandt Classic). Its not the nicest hotel in the world, but after the place we stayed at in Hamburg (Hotel Figaro), it’s a joy. See accommodation reviews for more info.

– Tuesday, January 12th: Pick some wild rosemary from the bank of a canal before wandering over to our new sublet in the Bos en Lemmer part of Amsterdam. Spend the day cleaning: fun. I know I’m finicky when it comes to a clean home, but this is not me being fussy… mould and dirt ain’t cool.

– Wednesday, January 13th: Discover a delicious (albeit pricey) Indonesian joint around the corner from our apartment before heading to our local supermarket, Albert Heijn, which I am happy to report: shits all over Berlin’s supermarkets. Sigh! With bellies full and arms laden with groceries, we head home, quickly jumping out of the way of a bicycle every couple of minutes. My friend’s located the local coffee shop which turns out to be more of a pick-up-point than a traditional A’dam coffee shop. Still, he’s happy and the novelty is happily explored.

– Thursday, January 14th: everything comes crashing down and I find myself utterly inconsolably miserable. My sense of self-worth is hovering dangerously low and I realise that while I may not see things in black and white, I seriously am suffering from them. How one person can be so full of life and optimism and so ‘check-out-the-silver-lining’-minded in one moment and so critical and despondent the next is… am I just weird? Is this manic-depression? Or perhaps it was simply that a crack appeared in my wall of denial and insistence that ‘everything will be fine’? I don’t know. I feel useless and hopeless and lost. That I do know.

– Friday, January 15th: Feeling better today. Not ‘woo-hoo! isn’t the world amazing?!’ kind of better, but… well, let’s just say I’m not sitting on the couch staring into space today. I hate pity and the thought of being found pathetic or worthy of pity bothers me to no end, so enough feeling crap! Well, okay it’s not that simple, I know, but I feel I have enough oomph in me today to at least be somewhat pro-active; hey, I’m writing a blog! I’m going to try and tackle my “10 Improvements in ’10” list today (2010 resolutions) and perhaps even apply for some jobs. I’m a fighter, damn it. I will fight these feelings.


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