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Walking into Fail (followed by: A Trip to the Cinema in Berlin)

December 1, 2009

Why is it that we watch movies that we know we aren’t going to enjoy? It’s bad enough when it’s showing on the tv; but when you actually make the effort to look into movie times, put your shoes on, travel over to the cinema and hand over your hard-earned (or for some of us… earned) money… why??? Why do we do it?!? Do we have some innate need to torture ourselves or are we actually hoping to be proven wrong? Perhaps it’s a misguided last-ditch attempt at invoking a (stress-induced) buzz? Yeah… that didn’t make much sense to me either.

So the movie that has me blathering is the second installation in the Twilight series (Twilight: New Moon). Oh my god, I think I hear hate mail coming already… actually that would indicate that someone actually has read this, so not altogether a loss! Ahem, anyhoo – I went to see New Moon a few days ago with a good friend who, like myself, loved the books, but disliked the first movie. Neither of us had high hopes for the sequel, but even so, our paltry expectations were let down. There are a myriad of issues I have with the big screen adaptation; the biggest being Kristen Stewart. Good god, that girl just gets under my skin. I feel terrible for saying so, but what, in the name of all the awesomeness that could have been, where they thinking when they cast her?! Her facial expressions, her voice, her gestures… it’s such a shame… really. I know books will virtually always trump their movie counterparts, but… sigh! Thank the flying spaghetti monster we at least get Jacob Black… huh… maybe that’s why we watched it.

On a more positive note: watching movies in Berlin as an English-speaker. I do speak passable German and I’m all for improving, but it’s great to have options and to have surprisingly good ones at that! There are quite a few cinemas that screen movies in their original languages. Most of the English language films are Hollywood productions. In this case, all you need to look out for are the letters ‘OV’ which stand for Original Verfassung or Originalfassung (original language). If you see the letters ‘OmU’, the movie is shown in its original language with German subtitles. If you see ‘OmE’ or ‘OmenglU’, the movie is shown in its original language with English subtitles.

My favourite cinema here is the Berlin CineStar Original (Sony Centre, Potsdamer Platz, U2/S1/S2/S25 – their website) for a number of reasons. One: the location is convenient; two: the widest variety of movies to pick from; and three: it’s modern and clean.

Ticket costs vary according to the day :

Adult Ticket Prices

Mondays:        €7
Tuesdays:        €5.50
Wednesdays:   €7
Thursdays:      €7
Fridays:           €8
Saturdays:       €8
Sundays:         €8

Other cinemas that (sometimes) show movies in English include:

Babylon – Kreuzberg
Cheap tickets on Monday; small cinema with normally at least one English language or subtitled option.
Transport: Kottbusser Tor – U1 or U8
here for website

Central-Kino – Mitte
Cheap tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They seem to have the second best array of options (after Sony Centre).
Transport: Weinmeisterstraße – U8
for website

– Schöneberg
Cheap tickets on Monday. I’ve never been but from the looks of their website… they only show one movie
Transport: Innsbrucker Platz  – U4 or S41 or S42 or S46
here for website

Broadway – Charlottenburg
Cheap tickets on Monday; almost all of the movies are in German – when I last looked they had one English movie
Transport: Kurfürstendamm – U1 or U9
here for website

Cinema Paris – Charlottenburg
Cheap tickets on Monday; last time I checked, 3 of the 4 movies showing were in English
Transport: Uhlandstraße – U1
here for website

If you prefer, there’s also a search function here. I’ve already clicked the OV and UmU option, so that should be in place. You can either just scroll through the list or, if you know what you want to see, which area, or what genre of movie, you can use one of the six search functions under ‘kino-suche’ (at the top of the page). The options are:

Alle Kinos – pick your cinema
Alle Genres – pick your genre
(blank box) – search key word
Alle Bezirke – pick your area
Alle Tage – pick the date
Zeitraum – pick the timeframe

Finden – search!

Enjoy your movie!


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