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I think I Spider?! (German)

November 15, 2009

Ich glaub ich spinne?! – I think I’m going crazy/I must be going crazy?!

‘Spinne’ is the German word for spider.



Hello – Hallo

Goodbye – Tschuss (chooss)

Yes – Ja (yah)

No – Nein (‘nine’)

Please – Bitte (bih-teh)

Thank you – Danke (dung-keh)

Your welcome – Bitte (bit-teh)

How are you? – Wie geht’s? (vee ‘gates’)

Good – Gut (goo-t)

Bad – Schlecht (shh-leh-ch-t)

Cheers! – Prost!

Help – Hilfe (‘hill’ feh)

Stop – Halt

Do you speak English? – Sprechen Sie Englisch? (spreh-chh-en see ehng-glish)



Where? – Wo? (voh)

Who? – Wer? (vehr)

When? – Wann? (vahn)

How? – Wie? (vee)

What? – Was? (vahs)

How much? – Wie viel? (vee feel)

Why? – Warum? (vah-ruhm)




Need more? Check out this website, it’s awesome! Hands down, one of the best translation sites I’ve ever used.



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