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November 15, 2009

I’ve just spent the last few hours figuring out how I want to organise my blog, so that it allows me to include everything I want it to… then trying to learn how to trick my Word Press account into following my bidding. A whole bunch of people out there will probably have an eyebrow raised and an ‘are you serious? A five-year old could do this’ look on their face, but see, it’s not my fault! In general (and I am on my laptop/the internet a lot) things go just fine, but once I have to convince a programme/piece of software that seriously, I do want Helvetica in size 14 (and yes, every time I say so, not just sporadically) and bullets indented here and there… well, that’s where the trouble starts. Plus, I also wanted to alter the navigation and adjust certain other details. A battle of endurance and stubbornness ensued. We compromised in the end. Sigh.

I must admit, I wouldn’t have gotten very far on my own. I stumbled across a blog by a generous individual named Panos (click here for win) whose tips and lessons stopped me short of pulling out my hair and to whom I must offer my sincerest thanks for saving what little sanity I have left. If I could now just figure out if there’s a way to reset a theme’s default font and font size… ahem…that would be great.

It’s now 7:35am here in Berlin… whoops! And my blog has gone from a nice, neat (albeit limited) site to this mess of unfinished posts and random tabs. I assure you (and myself!) that it’s not that bad… really!? Once I finish the seemingly random assortment of blogs/posts I have started and assigned myself to, it should all make sense. Its just fleshing out that needs to be done, really. I’m okay with how the organisation/navigation has worked out and I just hope to the IT gods that he doesn’t turn on me again… this feels a bit like talking behind someone’s back only to realise they’ve heard ever word you’ve said… good grief, I’m personifying my computer… it’s time to go to bed!

And now it’s… 8:38am. Why’s it taken so long to finish this post? My computer just froze. See?!? Aaargh!

Yeah, okay. G’night.

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