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Berlin: Saucy Burgers at ‘Ketchup & Majo’

November 8, 2009

So, there’s this burger place down the road from where I live. The burgers are consistently good and the service is quick and always friendly. Th aptly named ‘Ketchup and Majo’ is located on Oranienstrasse in Kreuzberg’s ex-SO36 area (old Berlin postal code). It’s generously open until the wee hours of the morning every day except Sunday and unlike many places, they won’t turn away a starving fool 10 minutes before they close at 3am (ahem… or so I’ve been told).

The interior is comfortable with seating for around thirty inside and another twelve or so outside.

Ketchup und Majo Interior inward Ketchup und Majo Interior outward

The menu options fall into five categories: the burgers (beef, chicken or vegetarian), chicken wings/nuggets, the sausages (hot dogs and currywurst), the salads, and the sides (french fries or potato wedges). I’ve never tried the sausages or salads, but I can wholeheartedly recommend the beef burgers and the french fries (home potatoes). You can pick between seven beef burger varieties (each available homemade [HG] or organic [NL; for €0.70 more]). They’re served (unless otherwise specified) with tomatoes, salad and a mixture of… you guessed it, their own ketchup and majo (mayonnaise). Delicious… which brings us to the home potatoes/fries: they’re fat, wide, home-style and chunky. Yum.

The chicken burgers are limited to regular and crispy… I’ve tried the crispy, by the way, and it’s sadly not up to the beef burger standards. The chicken wings, however, are not bad.

I’m not a huge fan of vegetable burgers, but there is one on the menu that I am actually interested in trying: the ‘vegetable burger with cheese and cauliflower medallions’. I think I’m more intrigued than anything else. Other vegetarian options are the Vitalburger (with potatoes, peas and carrots), the Halloumiburger and the Tofuburger.

My favourite meal here is the chiliburger (sic) with cheese and home potatoes. This lovely monstrosity has both chilli sauce and jalapenos. It’s not very spicy, to be honest, but great nonetheless. A note of warning though: pack your hunger. These burgers are built on the hefty side!

Verdict: Great home-style beef burgers and fries and I’ve thanked my late-night-gods many-a-time for them still being open. Portions are generous and great value for money. I do have a gripe though… their styrofoam takeaway boxes… why, I ask, are they still using styrofoam? Why?!? Not happy, Jan!

Ketchup & Majo Map


Ketchup und Majo

Telephonic Numerals 030 6290 1400

Location Oranienstrasse 37, Kreuzberg, Berlin 10999

Grace them with your presence Open until 3:00 everyday except for Sunday

Closest U Bahn Either Moritzplatz (U8) or Kottbusser Tor (U1 and U8)

Your pockets will be jangling with change; burgers start at €2.70 (vegetable burgers are all €3.50) and sausages at €1.70.

Smoking Outside only please.

And? They have their own Facebook page… no, I’m serious! click here


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