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Even Monkeys Fall from Trees

November 2, 2009

I’ve been promising myself a DSLR for a while now, but what with the travel expenses and not finding work, having to eat… y’know, boring stuff like that – well, I put it on the back burner; opting instead to be practical. After almost a year of travelling with nothing but my iPhone camera and an old Sony Cybershot (that sadly passed away last week), I finally had had enough. I spent the last week or so waking up at all hours to watch and bid on eBay auctions. Yes. Like a crazy woman. The lunacy has paid off though; yesterday, I won a Nikon D40 that I had been e-stalking. Woo hooo! I am beyond excited! I know its not the most impressive of DSLRs, but I wanted to start with something not too expensive and not too big… and from the reviews I’ve been reading, it seems more than adequate for my less-than-professional abilities. I cannot wait for it to arrive!?!

Oh, by the way… seeing as how I’m in Germany and purchased the camera locally, the exchange was all done in German. Fun. This website,, was a life saver. Definitely one of the best free translation sites I’ve ever used.


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